Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vietnam: Hoi An Waterway

Another lazy post... like the lazy waterway through Hoi An, boats slipping through water like silk. These shots are from the second floor of Cargo, a fantastic restaurant with Vietnamese fusion cuisine.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Yeah I know, this looks like apiece of pop art from the sixties. What it really is is the inside of an incense spiral hanging from the ceiling. They sell these at Buddhist shrines like votive candles are sold in Catholic churches. Buy it, light it, and pray for the deceased. Here's the shrine with a ceiling full of spirals, priced according to size:

This shrine is in Hoi An, Vietnam, which has the finest food in the country -- and some of the finest lantern shows too. Last post I showed you some of the lanterns by night. Here are a few by day.

I'm thinking of making shorter posts through summer. Sound good? Next post will be water shots of fishermen in Hoi An's river, from the window of a seafood restaurant.