Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hanoi is celebrating its millennium as a capital city this year. There are festivities all over the country. This week was Hoi An's turn which accounts for the floats among the lanterns. Enjoy the night lights, and the lanterns both festive and commercial. Next post, I'll show you the city by day. It's one of the few old cities in Vietnam that didn't get obliterated and is well worth a look. also a taste! Its restaurants have the best cuisine in the entire country!

See ya next post,



  1. Since you visited my high school I've been looking at your blog every now and then. Are you ever NOT travelling? Seriously, how can you afford this?

  2. I travel a lot, yeah. Sometimes a trip will be three weeks and the posts last for a couple of months so I don't travel ALL the time. But about four months of the year. :) I'd rather travel than spend money on a fancy car. Mine's a 2001 Corolla with only 77,000 km on it. I plan to keep for another nine years. :)