Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well a picture says a thousand words. So maybe I should just shut up and let you see some pictures. You'll immediately recognize the Seven-Coloured Mountain. I wasn't exaggerating, was I? It all happened when the earth's plates smashed up, with mineral deposits being hoisted in vast swaths of rock. And being so dry, there's no vegetation to cover over the colours.

Note the cross on top of the hill. It's the town cemetery. Like the Incas, people still choose the highest place in the area to bury their dead.

The Three Amigos

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A confession: Our second last night in Tilcara we did the stupidest thing tourists can do. It was a lovely restaurant -- but we ate the shrimp in the salad. Uh, it's a long way from the sea to the mountains, and even if the frig is good at the restaurant, who knows about the transportation. Suffice to say, we spent a day painting the wall from both ends. Pablo was a great nurse -- filled us up on Gatorade and got us to the hospital. In Argentina they treat tourists for free! Gotta say the hospital gave me the most painful shot of my life, though. Almost as painful as my first colonoscopy which I had WITHOUT Demurral. AAA!!!

Anyway, next trip, we'll take Pablo's advice and pack lots of socks. :) For the joke, see last post.:)

And hey, if you're going to be sick for a day, what better B&B to be sick in that the Poseda de Luz. Luz gave us this goregous suite with its own "rock garden". Also, on the bright side, what better way to lose weight after weeks of piggery?

Next post we'll be waddling onto a plane in Jujuy for a last three fun-filled days in other parts of Buenos Aires -- B.A. -- Big Apple, South American style.



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