Thursday, January 7, 2010


A few last memories before heading home, then off again to blog about Argentina and Cuba!

The shot above is of some of the extras getting ready for the last scene outside Chanda's front door. Extras are always a problem for continuity and editing. Generally speaking they're amateurs and have little sense that a short scene can take a day toi film. Or that it MATTERS that they be in exactly the same position for each take. See the woman in the blue hat? At various times, she decided it was too hot to keep her hat on! Fortunately, the ace continuity editor had an eagle eye and digital shots of every take. Before "Cameras Rolling And Action" she'd sweep in to ensure that the hat was back in place.

More memories. Of the outdoor market, a farm, and a flowers that grew out of an unturned tree:

And here's me getting an interview from a TV crew in from Berlin. I was on set during press week and there were TV, radio and print reporters flying in each day from Germany and up from Johannesburg. Some actually wanted to talk to the author of the book. I also got to do a really fun interview for the DVD Extras section. So even if I'm not up on the screen, you can hear me blabbing on on the rental. :)

I'm including this shot just because :)

Finally, here's a shot from down the road, and also of a couple of kids' toys I saw hanging from a clothesline.

But wait! I still haven't told the true story of the missionaries and the hyenas! So next post, back to the bush for a quickie before we head home! AND OFF RIGHT AWAY AGAIN TO CUBA AND ARGENTINA!!!

Till then,


UPDATE: The film adaptation of CHANDA'S SECRETS is called LIFE, ABOVE ALL and will premiere as an Official Selection at the 2010 Cannes International Film Festival.


  1. Mr. Stratton: would you be so kind to proved some other pictures taking on location in Africa to present to my students. We are currently getting ready to read Chandra's Secret and I believe the pictures will some how bring in another perspective. Thanks in advance, Maria Sanin